Hands-On MasterClass

Vegan Baking

with Toni Rodriguez

2 Days Hands-On MasterClass

8-9 June, 2023

Bucharest, Romania

About The MasterClass

The Vegan Baking Course is designed to introduce students into the world of "Veganising" the pastries from around the world.

Under the guidance of Chef Toni Rodriguez, students will travel through the world of common omnivore desserts that use milk, egg and other non vegan dairy products and learn alternative solutions found in the world of seeds, nuts, and modern ingredients.

During the 2 Days Hands-On Class students will learn to create step-by-step the vegan desserts from the program.

Theory and reference materials are provided

Certificate of Completion issued upon completion.


This 100% vegan training program is aimed at all those who are passionate about baking whether novices or with experience.

The MasterClass has been structured so that students can learn the techniques, step by step to create pastries using vegan pastry foundations.

You will learn which vegetable ingredients can be used to replace those of animal origin and how to use them correctly and in the right proportion, depending on the preparation.

Chef Toni has been studying ingredient technology for more than a decade and in this course he generously shares all his experience.

During the 2 days of intensive hands-on masterclass we will cover all basis of Vegan Baking & Viennoiserie.

We will learn the difference between classic & vegan pastry, work with special ingredients used in vegan baking, texturising agents and their role and will execute:

1. Cookies

2. Brioche

3. Croissant

4. New York Rolls

5. Doughnuts

6. Tart

Elaborations include 100% plant based solutions.


2 Days - Vegan Baking & Viennoiserie [8-9 June 2023]

Meet the Chef


In 2003 Toni Rodriguez chose the vegetarian regime and in 2004 he became vegan.

He is passionate about healthy desserts with fewer calories, cholesterol-free and…a vegan with conviction.

Driven by ethical motivation and constant study, he started the pastry shop "Lujuria Vegana" in Barcelona in 2006 with the aim of selling all over Europe.

He authored several books of pastry and vegan cuisine with photographer Becky Lawton, such as:

- Delicias Veganas (English version: Vegan Delights);

- Veganos Cupcakes (English version: Vegan Cupcakes);

- Las más exquisitas hamburguesas by chef Toni Rodríguez (English version: Mouthwatering vegan burgers);

- Cocina vegana en Familia (2017);

- Escuela de Pasteleria Vegana (Spanish, 2021)

- The Vegan Pastry Bible (English, 2023 - Published by ICEP Publishing)

Currently he is dedicated to research & development, is a consultant for many Spanish and Italian restaurants, in 2018 he established his own academy – Wildslice Academy, based in Barcelona and started traveling the world to teach about his passion - vegan desserts.

We are delighted to welcome him for the 5th time in Romania to learn from one of the best vegans specialist about Vegan Desserts.


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