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Is pastry and baking your passion? Why not take it to the next level?

Our International Pastry Program is designed to get you the modern pastry skills, knowledge, inspiration and confidence you need!

  • Duration: 6 weeks/180 hours of practical training + 2 to 3 months of internship [optional];
  • Modern approach to education: 95% practical/hands-on;
  • Small groups for personalized teaching
  • Option for career start: program can be continued with a professional internship [optional];
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania
  • Frequency: classes run from Monday to Friday, 6 hours/day, 30 hours/week
  • Type of Diploma: ICEP's International Pastry Certificate

Now accepting applications for: Group [IP-1]

Course Duration: Jan 8, 2024 - Feb 16, 2024

Who can apply?


  • Language: English - conversational level;
  • Minimum age: 18+
  • Education: Highschool diploma
  • Motivated and passionate about pastry

*Experience in pastry in not required


ICEP's Team of Instructors are top industry professional

here to share their experience and passion with you:

  • Georgiana Furdui | Pastry Chef Coordinator
  • Thomas Huit | French Pastry Chef, Barry-Callebaut Ambassador
  • Mirela Cata | Senior Pastry Chef Instructor
  • International Guest Chefs (based on availability)


This course emphasizes practical learning, "learning by doing", so the time spent in the school laboratories is focused 95% on practical demonstrations and workshops, where the students reproduce the recipes from the course syllabus.

  • Course duration: 6 weeks study + Internship [optional]
  • Frequency: classes run from Monday to Friday, 6 hours/day, 30 hours/week


Module 1: Orientation. Kitchen Equipment

Welcome! We are super excited to start this pastry journey together.

The first day in the pastry lab will start with learning about kitchen organisation, equipments & tools used, sanitation/cleaning in a professional setting.

Module 2: Ingredient Understanding and Basic Recipes

We will continue learning about basic ingredients used in pastry and their role in our recipes: flour, eggs, dairies, chocolate, fruits, nuts, texturising agents etc.

We will excersise our piping skills and learn to make basic recipes.

Module 3: Travel Cakes | Gateaux de Voyage

This is a great place to test out our new skills! We will explore a range of traditional and modern techniques making Travel Cakes or French "Gateaux de Voyage": teacakes,  Brownie, Muffins, Financier, Madeleine, Marble Cake, Pound Cake, Brioche, Carrot Cake.

The first week will end with our first presentation table or "buffet" and we will proudly display all the wonderful sweets we have learned to make.

Module 4: Chocolate & Confectionary

In this module we learn to work with premium quality chocolate to produce amazing results.

We will learn different tempering techniques and will create colourful moulded bonbons, chocolate bars, tablets, truffles, enrobed bonbons.

Different types of ganaches and fillings used in confectionary.

Techniques used will be both artisanal and suitable for production.

We will unleash creativity to make different chocolate decorations for our pastries.

Module 5: Meringue & Macaron

In this module we learn everything we need to know about meringue and different techniques used to obtain the most stabile results: French, Italian and Swiss meringue + their applications in modern pastry.

We will create colourful French macarons, delicious Pavlovas and Meringue based cakes.

Module 6: Tarts

In this module we will learn to master the secrets of French Tarts and doughs: pate brisee, pate sablee, pate sucree, sable breton.

We will use classic and modern techniques to create delicious French tarts with stunning decorations: lemon tart, tart tatin, fruit tart, pistachio tart, etc.

Module 7: Pate a Choux

In this module we will learn everything about the choux paste or "pate a choux".

We will make a large variety of delicious French desserts using this versatile dough: Chouquette, Choux craquelin, Religieuse, Paris Brest, Eclairs, Saint Honore, Croquembouche.

Module 8: Classic & Contemporary Cakes

Sponges, crunches, creams, mousses, fillings and glazes are the main components to build a pastry.

In this module we will learn to create classic pastries using modern techniques like Frasier, Opera, Charlotte, Sacher, Savarine and stunning French Entremets.

We will learn to make different types of mousses, glazes, how to balance different flavours and textures, how to decorate our cakes with style.

Module 9: Event Cakes & Dessert Bar

The last week at the school will encompass all the pastry skills we have learnt so far and will result in a celebration of pastry in festive forms and design.

We will learn to design a dessert bar concept for a given themed event, will make and bake all pastries and present them in front of our guests. This will be our exam and graduation celebration.



Included in tuition fee:

  • 6 weeks of professional pastry training - total of 180 hours;
  • Access to demo classes, practical classes and lessons included in the curriculum;
  • 2 sets of ICEP branded professional uniforms (chef's jacket, apron and head band);
  • Recipe booklet;
  • 12 month access to Online Academy account to view educational materials;
  • Professional Pastry Certificate issued by ICEP.

Not included in tuition fee:

  • Transportation cost to and from the school;
  • Accommodation;
  • Living expenses and meals during the course;
  • Visa application fees or other fees required to enter and stay in Romania.

*For Visa application process ICEP can help issuing a Student Letter stating that you have been accepted for this course. The responsibility to apply in time and obtain the visa to enter Romania lies with the student only.



First step is to complete and submit the online application.


We will schedule a call in English on Whatsapp or Zoom with you. The purpose of the interview is to discuss about the structure and the way the course is organised, eligibility and admission procedure.


Tuition fee can be paid full or in 2 instalments:

  • Minimum 60% - when completing the admission process
  • 40% - 4 weeks before course start

You can make payment with credit/debit card:

Or bank transfer:


IBAN: RO84BTRL04101202D26205XX;


Your application should contain the below documents and should be submitted via email to

  1. Registration form + Terms & Conditions completed and signed;
  2. 1 passport sized photo
  3. Copy of ID/Passport (valid for minimum 6 months from the start of the course);
  4. Copy of your last educational degree (minimum requirement: high school degree);
  5. Medical Report from your physician "Clinically healthy and fit for work in Food Industry" (the Form will be provided by ICEP);
  6. Clean intestinal parasitologic test (specific for Food Industry);
  7. Curriculum Vitae in English (ICEP Format);
  8. Proof of payment of minimum 60% of tuition fee.