Dear friends,

With care and attention to our health, we have taken a series of measures to protect all of us, and at the same time so that we can all enjoy the much-loved courses.
These measures are constantly updated according to the recommendations and measures imposed by the Romanian & International Authorities.

[Last update: 02.10.2021]



We constantly disinfect and ventilate common areas, classrooms and laboratories using biocidal substances based on chlorine or alcohol, as well as the latest technology in space disinfection with OZON OZO3 equipment offered by our partners at EUTRON.


The OZO3 system is an advanced ozoniser that produces a high concentration of ozone, a shock treatment to achieve a total disinfection with strong virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal action.

Recommended for disinfecting and deodorising spaces in the hospitality industry, homes, hospitals, medical centres, etc.



Depending on the size of the classrooms and laboratories, we organise the courses with smaller groups, in order to ensure the possibility of social distancing and the development of the courses in maximum safety.

The classrooms and laboratories of the school are spacious, with between 50 and 150 sqm.



Participants who meet the following conditions can participate in our courses:

  • Have Covid-19 Sanitary Passport/EU Digital Covid Certificate or CDC issued Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card for US citizens in electronic or printed form;
  • Have no symptoms Covid-19 (fever, cough);
  • Have not been in direct contact with persons who have been confirmed with Coronavirus;
  • Do not have family members in the same household who fall into one of the above situations.


*Conditions for traveling abroad:

For students traveling from abroad, please check the rules and formalities of travel from your country to Romania and back.

In principle, most European countries require one of the following proofs:

  • proof of vaccination against COVID-19 - At least 14 days must have elapsed since the second dose of vaccine (or a single dose for Johnson & Johnson);
  • proof of recovery from COVID-19, certified by a positive PCR test performed at least 28 days in advance and no more than 6 months;
  • a negative pre-departure PCR test performed 72 hours before arrival (or a rapid antigenic test performed 48 hours before arrival). In this case, please also check the quarantine conditions on arrival and departure.


Important: the above mentioned conditions are general guidelines which can suffer changes. If you are traveling from a red or orange area, please check the applicable travel and quarantine conditions before arriving in Romania.


Participation in the course / laboratory will be done with respect

By participating in our courses you undertake to comply with these measures exactly, we understand that not respecting these measures endangers not only our health, but also those around whom we come into contact.

Access to the classroom is based on the declaration on one's own responsibility for compliance with Covid-19 measures, after checking the temperature (which should not exceed 37 degrees) and subject to the absence of known Covid-19 symptoms (temperature over 37 degrees, cough);

The screening will be done every day at the beginning of the course, participants who present the symptoms described above will not be able to participate in the course;

  • To avoid congestion in the reception area, hall, locker room and bathrooms, access to the classroom is based on a schedule - with intervals of 10-15 minutes between arrival times;
  • We must wear a protective mask in all enclosed spaces (reception, access elevator, locker room, hallways, bathrooms, laboratory, etc.) and we must change the mask once every 4 hours;
  • At the practical workshops, during all the activities carried out, we must wear disposable gloves, wash our hands and disinfect ourselves constantly, having disinfectant solutions in the reception, laboratory, dining room, etc .;
  • We keep the distance of 1-1.5 m between participants;
  • We constantly disinfect the hands and surfaces in the classroom;
  • We take breaks for ventilation;
  • For classes longer than 8 hours, the lunch break will be taken in small groups and we will not exceed a duration of 15 minutes, we will serve one simple meal (you can bring Lunch-Pack from home). Given that our dining area is a closed space, it is mandatory to keep the distance of more than 2 meters while eating;
  • At the end of the courses and practical workshops, to change, we use the locker rooms and bathrooms one by one, thus avoiding congestion, we wear a protective mask and we do not exceed 15 minutes.

* These norms of prevention and protection may undergo modifications and completions depending on new regulations received along the way from the Romanian Authorities.


For the safety of you and your loved ones, it is still recommended to avoid going to the bank and making cash payments.

Did you know that at ICEP HOTEL SCHOOL you can book and pay for the course online safely?


We work with the MobilPay Netopia payment processor, you can use Card Visa or MasterCard from any bank and you will receive the booking confirmation immediately by email, text or Facebook Messenger.

Our Magic Team looks forward welcoming you to ICEP HOTEL SCHOOL!