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Class 1: "Elegant Candy Bar & Event Cake"
[7-8 October 2024]
Class 2: "Signature Patisserie"
[9-11 October 2024]

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Open to all levels
English + Romanian translation (upon request)

Are you ready
to take your dessert creations
to the next level?

Together with Executive pastry chef Gregory Doyen, we have designed 2 masterclasses that will ignite your creativity, and empower you with the skills and techniques needed to craft stunning desserts that will leave a lasting impression on any occasion.

Whether you're an aspiring pastry chef, a seasoned baker, or simply someone with a sweet tooth and a passion for perfection, these masterclasses are perfect for you to elevate your pastry skills.

You can choose one of them or you can book both. Just don't wait too much before deciding, as we have limited spots available!

7-8 October 2024

Class 1
Elegant Candy Bar & Event Cake

Embark on a delectable journey through the world of desserts, exploring a wide array of flavours, textures, and presentation techniques for a luxurious dessert bar.

From elegant macarons to decadent truffles, delicate petit fours to intricate pastries, you'll learn the secrets behind creating a dazzling assortment of sweet treats that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

But this masterclass is about more than just recipes and techniques—it's also about mastering the art of dessert presentation. You'll discover how to design visually stunning dessert bars that captivate the eye and delight the senses, with expert guidance on color palettes, arrangement strategies, and decorative accents that elevate your creations to works of edible art.

Beyond the kitchen, you'll also delve into the business side of dessert bars,
learning invaluable tips on pricing and marketing to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Whether you dream of opening your own patisserie or simply want to impress friends and family with your culinary prowess, this masterclass will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to turn your sweetest ambitions into reality.

Read more about Course Concept

In this comprehensive program, we'll delve into the artistry and intricacies of creating delectable desserts to elevate any event. Here's what you can expect:

1. Class Introduction:
Understand the importance of dessert bars in catering and event planning.

2. About Candy Bar Concept:
Explore various types of dessert bar requests.

3. Client identification and offer creation:
Identify client needs and preferences.
Engage in brainstorming sessions to tailor offerings to individual requirements.

4.Theme Definition:
Collaborate with clients to define a theme that resonates with their event vision.
Learn how to conceptualise and execute themed dessert displays.

5. Central Decoration Composition:
Master the art of creating stunning central decorations using chocolate or sugar.
Gain hands-on experience in crafting eye-catching focal points for dessert bars.

Crafting Chocolate Roses:
-Learn techniques for moulding delicate chocolate roses using plastic chocolate.
-Understand the intricacies of shaping petals and assembling them into lifelike roses.
-Explore various colours and finishes to customise your chocolate creations.

6. Fresh Cake Making:
Produce six fresh and enticing mini-cakes: Cherry cake (Fruit Collection), Capuccino mini tart, The Swan (mini choux), Raspberry royal cake, Rose donuts, Earl grey passion fruit cake.
Learn essential techniques for baking and decorating cakes to perfection.

7. Room temperature Pastry Production:
Create three types of delightful room temperatures pastries: mini MOD red velvet, Pistachio roses mini Madeleines, Hazelnut Chocolate mini Madeleines, Chocolate and hojicha cupcakes.
Explore recipes and methods for crafting crispy and flavourful treats.

8. Modern Confectionery Crafting:
Dive into the world of contemporary confectionery.
Experiment with innovative techniques and ingredients to create three modern confections: Lollipop caramel passion fruits, Nougat, Sea salt caramel.

9. Event Cake Creation:
Create a show-stopping 3 tier event cake with a solid base.
Learn how to construct sturdy structures and apply decorative elements to craft memorable center-piece cakes.

Class 2
Signature Patisserie

Unlock the secrets behind creating marvels of taste and texture with Signature Patisserie MasterClass.

During the 3 days class you will learn to create not only exquisite entremets, petit gateaux, tarts, baba au rhum but also will be introduced in the tasty world of crunchy croissants filled generously with luscious creams that will delight all taste buds.

The Program:

almond sponge, strawberry coulis, guava coulis, mousseux lemon, chocolate coating, pink chocolate glaze

crispy praline, hazelnut sponge, apricot coulis, light cheesecake mousse,
vanilla chocolate glaze, light marshmallow

Vanilla soft sponge, almond sponge, vanilla cream chantilly, strawberry coulis, fresh berries

Crispy praline, red velvet sponge, raspberry coulis, fresh raspberry and IGF morello cherry, vanilla whipped ganache, dark chocolate coating, red chocolate glaze

sweet dough, pistachio cream, fresh cherry, pistachio Chantilly, cherry
compote, pistachio glaze  

sweet dough, hazelnut cream, blackcurrant IQF, blueberry compote, chestnut cream,
chestnut chantilly

black charcoal sweet dough, coconut sponge, pineapple compote, coconut cream, marshmallow

sweet dough, crispy pistachio, pistachio ganache, caramel raspberry

chocolate sponge, cherry coulis, vanilla chantilly   

baba dough, red berries tea
infusion, almond coconut sponge, coconut cream, strawberry coulis, red berries tea whipped ganache  

11. Hazelnut Chocolate Croissant
chocolate croissant dough, chocolate hazelnuts cream      

12. Apple Blueberry Danish
neutral croissant dough, apple compote, fresh blueberries       

13. Three Pistachio
chocolate croissant dough, green croissant dough, pistachio cream.

Meet the Chef

Gregory Doyen

Born in France, in a family or artists in Brionnais, Gregory Doyen experienced the magic of pastry early in his childhood when the family kitchen became his favorite place.

He graduated Alain Ducasse' Academy Ecole Nationale Supérieurede la Pâtisserie (ENSP), then he started his journey around the world. In 2016 he accepted the position of Executive Chef of Luxury 5* resort Mandarin Oriental in Taipei, leading a team of 35.

Gregory Doyen is the creator of fashion-desserts for famous Jewelry, Parfume and Fashion Houses, like: Cartier, Marc Jacobs, La Prairie, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton & Ambassador ofWeiss Chocolate.

In his vision Pastry should be healthy and elegant. Therefore a natural flavour is key for a pleasant experience.


MasterClass Gregory Doyen


Application Procedure

Step 1: Book your seat online;

Step 2: Make payment.

When booking your seat, you can choose between 2 Payment Options*:


*Please note, for Early Bird Promotion we accept only FULL PAYMENT.

If you choose PARTIAL PAYMENT, you will pay the participation fee in 2 instalments:

- 60% is payable upon booking

- 40% is payable in 6 weeks prior of the event

If you are booking the class less than 6 weeks from the class date then the full fee is payable on registration.

Online Payment:
You can make payment online with Credit or Debit Card. We us Stripe as payment processor.
When choosing this option, your spot will be confirmed immediately.

Payment Via Bank Transfer:
If you wish to pay via bank transfer please contact us to create a reservation for you in advance. Your spot will be confirmed once we have received the first payment.

Here are our bank account details:
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IBAN EURO: RO59BTRL04104202D26205XX

For transfers in Romanian Currency (RON):
IBAN RON: RO84BTRL04101202D26205XX

Kindly take into consideration that we have limited places for these MasterClasses and the demand is very high.
To avoid disappointment, we advise you to book your place as soon as possible and confirm payment by sending a copy of payment receipt by email to office@icephotelschool.com.

Step 3:
Send us the completed and signed Registration Form to office@icephotelschool.com (don't forget to detail your professional experience in pastry and chocolate);

Your participation at the event will only be confirmed once we have received full payment and completed Registration Form.

MasterClass Schedule

8.30: Registration and welcome coffee
9.00 - 12.30: MasterClass
12.30 - 13.30: Lunch break
13.30 - 17.00: MasterClass

Please arrive at the appointed hour, so you have time to go through registration process and change your clothes.

Bring with you a white chef's jacket, long trousers/pants and comfortable shoes (closed).

Please be aware that in our lab the temperature is around 20°C and dress accordingly.

Location of class: ICEP Bucharest, Gramont Street No 38. The Pastry Lab is located on the 5th floor of our office building Gramont Center - see the location on the map below.

Important, please keep in mind:

– The payment is valid only for the date of the workshop and is non refundable.

We are sorry, but once you booked your seat, there is no possibility of refund if you cancel your attendance.

Thank you for understanding!

– It is not allowed to take pictures, to film and distribute/share the step by step preparation in class without the consent of the organizers.

– It is not allowed to distribute/share the recipes of the MasterClass.

– The participants understand and accept the conditions described above.

If you need accommodation nearby the place of venue, contact us for recommendations.


For more information we are at your disposal:

Tel. 0040-773-797-07


Address: Gramont Street 38, Sector 4, Bucharest,

ZIP: 040182, ROMANIA

Looking forward to meet you!

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