Book "THE VEGAN PASTRY BIBLE | Fundemantals of Vegan Pastry and Viennoiserie" by Toni Rodriguez

About the Book

Toni Rodríguez is a pioneer of modern vegan pastry and viennoiserie, “the father of vegan macaron”, founder of the first vegan pastry shop in Europe – Lujuria Vegana.

With this work, which is the result of his experience, extensive research & development and continuous work with plant-based ingredients, Toni is sharing the fundamentals of modern vegan pastry and viennoiserie.

Packed with over 100 plant-based recipes,  500 step-by-step photos, chef’s tips and techniques, in The Vegan Pastry Bible, Toni has included
everything you need to know about modern plant-based pastry in the 320 pages of this book.

His aim is to make vegan pastry accessible, surprising, ethical, creative and fun to any baking en­thusiast and professional.

With this book in your hand you will never have to make compromises on flavor, texture and design of your plant-based desserts.

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Content | Chapters of the Book

The Vegan Pastry Bible is organised in 10 Sections:  

1.      Theory with ingredient understanding & vegan elaborations: explaining the role of ingredients and vegan elaborations

2.     Basic preparations: step-by-step recipes of homemade cream margarine, whipped cream, “butter” cream, pastry cream, English cream, gluten-free flour mix, homemade praline etc.

3.     Sponge Cakes: walnut brownie, lemon cake, marble cake, gluten-free apricot cake, banana bread, muffins, financier, etc.

4.     Viennoiserie: brioches, cinnamon rolls, babka, stollen, doughnuts, croissants, berliner, millefeuille, gallette des rois, ensaimada, etc.

5.     Breakfasts and snacks: waffles, blueberry scones, flapjacks, anise rolls, etc.

6.     Cookies and shortbread: different types of cookies (honey, chocolate, gianduja, oatmeal), different shortbread recipes (plain, chocolate, sugar-free, gluten-free), pasta frolla, bourdalou tart, crostata, pastiera, polvoron, apple pie, pecan pie, lemon pie, chocolate tart, gateaux basque, etc.

7.     Macarons and petit-fours: Italian and French meringue macarons, different types of fillings (chocolate and raspberry, vanilla, pistachio, etc), tuilles, canneles

8.     Chocolate: white chocolate, “milk” chocolate, chocolate spread, bounty, rocher, truffles

9.     Pastries - step by step recipes of individual cakes and entremets: Peanut Bomb cake, Carrot cake, Coulant, Opera, Sacher, Medovik, Rafaello, Cannoli, Plaisir Sucre, Pistachio Raspberry Dacquoise, Cheesecake, German Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Cake Roll, Buche de Noel, Cherry Galette.

10.  Creams, flans and mousses: Tiramisu, catalan cream, pastéis de Belém, classic flan, Parisian flan, hazelnut flan, chocolate mousse.

Specifics of the book
  • Language: English
  • Size: 23,5 x 28,5 x 2,4 cm ·   
  • Hardcover: 320 pages ·      
  • Weight: 1,6 kg ·     
  • ISBN: 978-606-95293-8-6·     
  • Author: Toni Rodriguez·     
  • Photography: Becky Lawton
  • Publisher: ICEP Publishing

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"This book is not just any book. It is a treatise on vegan pastry, the great book that will enlighten and help thousands of pastry chefs who want and should start in the world of vegan pastry."

"Today I have the honor and pride of writing this prologue for one of the people I admire most in this profession, without hesitation: Toni Rodriguez.

I always tell him: “Toni, I do difficult things, but you do the impossible.” This book reflects his entire professional life, it is not just any book. It is a treatise on vegan pastry, the great book that will enlighten and help thousands of pastry chefs who want and should start in the world of vegan pastry.

A treatise made from the heart, remembering in each line that
boy who never had a book to lean on to reach his goal. To­day collapses that phrase you told me twelve years ago: “There is no reference book.” Today I tell you that there is. You hold it in your hands. Today I admire you even more because you have achieved it and, further­more, you are sharing it with everyone. You
have achieved the goal of making haute pastry also vegan.>>


Owner of Sant Croi, Best Artisan Butter Croissant in Spain 2009/2018 and Best Ice Cream Award 2021 from Art Ice Cream