In this 3-day course you will learn everything about chocolate from French Pastry Chef & Chocolatier THOMAS HUIT.

You will develop new skills to create stunning chocolate products, such as pralines, truffles, bars, tablets, confectionery products, as well as artistic chocolate pieces for events and festivals such as Easter or Christmas.

  • Type of course: 100% practical/hands-on
  • Duration: 3 days [24 hours]
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania
  • Date: 20-21-22 October 2023
  • Level: Beginner/Medium
  • Language: English + Romanian.

What will you learn?

During the 3 days of the course you will learn everything you need to know about chocolate, chocolate products and more, developing the necessary skills for a successful chocolatier.

Chocolate tempering techniques

You will learn to work with various types of chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, Ruby Red chocolate, NXT vegan chocolate;

The correct tempering technique according to the type of chocolate and techniques used, techniques that can be used at home or in a small laboratory (such as tempering on a cold table, tempering with seeding, tempering with cocoa butter), but also the tempering techniques using professional equipment.

Ganache & Fillings

How to make different types of fillings for chocolate bonbons, chocolate bars and tablets: caramel based, fruit-based, nut-based, alcohol-based, etc.

The shelf life of the finished product depending on the type of filling used.

Ingredients & Equipments used

You will learn about the premium ingredients used: types of chocolate and working techniques;

Necessary equipment to work at home or in a small laboratory, as well as how to equip a professional chocolate production line with top professional equipments (ex: Selmi chocolate machines, RS 200)

Correct and performant cutting techniques using professional equipment (ex guitar cutter).

Chocolate products

You will prepare different assortments of chocolate: pralines, bars, tablets, truffles, mendiants, etc.

The technique of making pralines, filling the shells, closing, etc.

Creating decorations with spectacular textures and colours;

Tips & tricks for storing and packaging chocolate products.

Confiserie Products

You will learn to prepare different confectionery products:

Pate a fruit
Pastes and pralines (caramel, hazelnut, walnut, pistachio, etc.)

Chocolate decoration and artistic pieces

We will make different decorations from chocolate that can be used in pastry.

The technique of making small/medium figurines suitable for different events;

Medium-sized artistic chocolate piece.

Who is this course for?

The course is addressed to all those who love chocolate and want to perfect themselves in the technique of making various chocolate products, as well as to develop the skills necessary for a successful chocolatier.

Chefs and Pastry Chefs interested to gain new skills;

Pastry & Culinary students and graduates.

Experience in chocolate is not necessary!

The course is practical/hands-on, each student actively participating in making products under the guidance of the instructor.

Meet the instructor


Chef Thomas Huit was born in France, discovered his passion for confectionery at the age of 16, helping his mother in the home kitchen preparing sweet treats for family and friends.

After completing his studies in the field, Thomas had the opportunity to work in Paris under the guidance of Pastry Chef Yann Brys, in the prestigious locations of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Lutetia Hotel and Dalloyau, then in Dubai in the team of Chef Yannick Alleno at the prestigious luxury hotel One & Only The Palm Hotel Dubai.

From 2019 he becomes Ambassador for Callebaut in Romania, and from February 2020 he joins the ICEP HOTEL SCHOOL team with the desire and dedication to share his knowledge, to inspire chefs to continuously develop and young pastry enthusiasts to embrace this beautiful and creative profession.

Chocolate & Confiserie Course with Thomas Huit

20-21-22 October 2023

Important, please keep in mind:

– The payment is valid only for the date of the workshop and is non refundable.

We are sorry, but once you booked your seat, there is no possibility of refund if you cancel your attendance.

Thank you for understanding!

– It is not allowed to take pictures, to film and distribute/share the step by step preparation in class without the consent of the organizers.

– It is not allowed to distribute/share the recipes of the MasterClass.

– The participants understand and accept the conditions described above.

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